Review: Sirui VSK-5

Review: Sirui VSK-5

Couple of months ago I got the Sirui VSK-5 video kit for a test from Focus Nordic. You can construct many pieces of video equipment from the kit.

Sirui VSK-5 is designed for shooting videos on the go. The whole kit fits nicely in a portable and lightweight backpack. Parts made from aluminium and carbon fiber are durable but light. Absolutely the best part of the kit is the slider which you can use for smooth camera movements. I also liked the sturdy shoulder rig which for sure will work in movie making or interviews. The small and handy cage is propably best at sport or action video.

Here’s a video from the test I made with the kit

Thank you Street Gastro for the location!

The slider was also in action when shooting a music video for the Smokin’ Aces

Watch the music video
Review: Panasonic LUMIX GM1

Review: Panasonic LUMIX GM1

I used to shoot a lot with the Sony DSC-QX10 + iPhone 4 combo on trips and free time. Then I saw the orange LUMIX compact system camera and I had to have it! I had already heard a lot of good things about LUMIX cameras but I didn’t have any previous experience.

Can there be any smaller, more powerful and nicer camera!? LUMIX GM1 that fits a little bit bigger pocket, shoots 16 M RAW files and FHD video with 50p and besides it’s really awesome! The camera comes in many colors and with the interchangeable M43 lenses it can compete with the professional DSLR cameras.

This camera has a Wi-Fi just like almost all the newer cameras and sharing photos with it is easy and fast. You can use your smartphone also as a remote trigger so your imagination is the only limit for creative photography.

Despite of its small sensor the camera does a good job even in low light. Shooting in natural light with this camera is fantastic but the possibility to use the small flash indirectly is also a great feature.

+ Looks awesome
+ Small size
+ Features of a big camera
– Sensitive touch screen

Some sample photos

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Review: Sony DSC-QX10

Review: Sony DSC-QX10

I have been taking mobile photos for a long time, in fact ever since it has been possible. Starting from my first iPhone the image quality has already been quite decent. The image quality is however secondary when you want to capture a fleeting moment, that’s when the best camera is the one with you.

Sony has come up with an interesting product family for mobile photography. A few years ago I bought the DSC-QX10 Lens-Style Camera because of its small size. It isn’t actually just a lens but a camera without the screen. You take photos, view them and share them with a smartphone app. I chose the smallest camera in the family mainly because of the size and the zoom range. I have carried the small camera in my pocket almost all the time just like my phone.

When I travel I don’t want to drag my whole DSLR kit with me for convenience and safety reasons. That’s why I’ve been pleased with the Sony Lens-Style Camera. The 10x zoom and FHD video take mobile photography to the next level.

The camera is at its best in travel and landscape photography. Shooting is occasionally slow when connected to an iPhone 4 with Wi-Fi so you may miss some fast moments. When using a newer smartphone it must be faster. Anyway wireless shooting gives you vast creative possibilities and freedom.

+ Small and light
+ From wide angle to close-up
+ Good sound quality in video
– Slow in action photography

Some sample photos

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