My 5th year of Movember

My 5th year of Movember

I have taken part in Movember charity fundraiser every year since 2012. Now I almost didn’t shave my moustache and beard but in the end I decided to participate this year also. After all it’s about men’s health, an important cause for myself.


Last year I joined Mainstreet Äijät for their Shave Down event at Groom PitStop and luckily I was invited again this year! Big thank you to Groom’s Jetta and Viivi for shaving us, and to Daniel from Jameson for serving us (#WHISKEY)! I was photographing before/after portraits for everyone at the event and I made a short video from my Shave Down.

Here are my before/after photos


One of the biggest themes of Movember is excercise

I’ve chosen winter biking as my workout



Make a donation for men’s health!

You can also support by purchasing TOYT&co moustache products designed by me.
I’ll donate 100% of my profits to Movember (1.-30.11.).



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