Project #366seconds2016

Project #366seconds2016

365 photo project is a good way to improve your photography skills. 366 project is even better! The idea is to capture and publish something every day of the year. In a leap year like this one the project gets one extra day.

This year I started the #366seconds2016 project in which I shoot one second of 4K-video every day and share one frame on Instagram @jstvsl. At the end of the year I will edit all 366 seconds into one video. This is already my second 366 project. I made the first one 4 years ago by taking one Polaroid picture every day. I shot the 366 / 2012 project with the digital Polaroid Z340 camera so fortunately I didn’t have to print every picture. This year’s project I’m shooting with the LUMIX FZ300 camera.


The perfect moment was captured in one frame of the video at the Lux Helsinki event.

LUMIX FZ300 is a small but powerful bridge camera that can shoot almost anything anywhere. The camera has an incredible 25-600mm zoom range and a constant F2.8. The 4K Photo feature shoots 30 frames per second and the outcoming file is MP4 video but you can save each frame also in JPG image. Individual JPG images have a resolution equivalent of an A4 print.


Sometimes moments happen so fast that it’s good to have the camera always ready. This landscape was captured from a moving car at high speed. In the video this scene is just a split of a second.

There are no rules in a 365 or 366 project. The most important thing is to shoot at least something every day. Every day isn’t going to have the perfect weather or events but when there’s nothing to shoot you have to be creative. You can for example pick up some objects from your home and practice lighting with a flashlight or any lamp at your home. If you’re short on ideas take a selfie! You also don’t have to start the project in the first day of the year, you can start anytime, even today!


This selfie is made out of 6 seconds put together.

I have shot landscapes, my friends, our dog, food and everything going on in my life for this project. Even though the same subjects appear in the images I don’t want to make the same image twice. Another way to think of the project would be to shoot the same thing every day to see the change during the year. A special challenge in my project is the combination of video and photos. I have to think of every moment as a video and a photo. If there’s no movement in the image it will look boring in a video but if there’s too much movement it may not work as a photo.


The project takes as much time as you want to use for it. I’ve decided to make things as simple as possible to save time also for something else. At the end of the day I’ll look at the videos I’ve shot and select the best clip and the best frame from it. The photos I publish are mainly edited only with an iPad mini. I transfer the photo I’ve chosen straight from the camera to the tablet and from there to Instagram. When I transfer the files to my computer I copy all the chosen videos to their own folder and rename them with the number of the day. Being organized with the files will save you a lot of time when it comes to editing the video at the end of the year. In fact you should start to edit the video early on because the edit will take some time if you’re not used to it.


It was -21°C. I wanted to capture the steam rising from the freezing sea in the best light so I forced myself to wake up early before the sunrise. Without the 366 project I may not have bothered to go shoot there.

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