Rajala Ambassador 2017.1

Jan Viljanen - Rajala Ambassador 2017.1

???? iPhone 7 + Afterlight
I heard I made the cut for Rajala Ambassador competition right before my trip to Puerto Rico. I read the first tasks from my email on Saturday morning before heading to the Old Town of San Juan. The first task was to take a self portrait. The colorful buildings of San Juan provided plenty of nice backdrops for the photo. Once I saw this wall I spontaneously decided to take a selfie with my phone what I don’t do very often. I jumped between the palm tree bushes and reached my hands as far as I could to get some leaves to frame the photo. Then I just waited for good light and snapped the pic.

Jan Viljanen - Rajala Ambassador 2017.1

???? Mavic Pro + Afterlight
During my trip to Puerto Rico I’ve seen and captured a lot of beautiful nature on the ground, at sea and up in the air. Choosing the best nature photo was hard and I wanted to wait until the end of the trip to make the decision. This photo was taken the very last day of the trip when we ended up in Puerto Nuevo beach which turned out to be very picturesque and nice place. I flew the drone along the shoreline and looked for the perfect cliff where the waves hit hard.

Jan Viljanen - Rajala Ambassador 2017.1

???? LUMIX FZ300 + Afterlight
While discovering the Old Town of San Juan we also visited the fort of El Morro. El Morro means the highest spot or the hill where the fort has been constructed. The grass field surrounding the fort is a popular picnik area windy enough for flying a kite. I followed the grandmother and grandchild fly the kite in 4K Photo mode with 30 frames per second and chose this moment as the best one.

More of my photos from Puerto Rico: instagram.com/jstvsl
Competition page: ambassador.fi

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