Review: Panasonic LUMIX GM1

I used to shoot a lot with the Sony DSC-QX10 + iPhone 4 combo on trips and free time. Then I saw the orange LUMIX compact system camera and I had to have it! I had already heard a lot of good things about LUMIX cameras but I didn’t have any previous experience.

Can there be any smaller, more powerful and nicer camera!? LUMIX GM1 that fits a little bit bigger pocket, shoots 16 M RAW files and FHD video with 50p and besides it’s really awesome! The camera comes in many colors and with the interchangeable M43 lenses it can compete with the professional DSLR cameras.

This camera has a Wi-Fi just like almost all the newer cameras and sharing photos with it is easy and fast. You can use your smartphone also as a remote trigger so your imagination is the only limit for creative photography.

Despite of its small sensor the camera does a good job even in low light. Shooting in natural light with this camera is fantastic but the possibility to use the small flash indirectly is also a great feature.

+ Looks awesome
+ Small size
+ Features of a big camera
– Sensitive touch screen

Some sample photos

Finally some #snow ❄️???? #espoo #suomi #finland #visitespoo #visitfinland #thisisfinland #outdoorfinland

Kuva, jonka JUST:V/SUΛL / Jan Viljanen (@jstvsl) julkaisi

No snow in the south of #Finland but still a beautiful #Xmas ???? Happy holidays! Kuva, jonka JUST:V/SUΛL / Jan Viljanen (@jstvsl) julkaisi

#xmastbt ???? #natalluz #christmasparade in #gramado #riograndedosul #brasil #brazil ????????

Kuva, jonka JUST:V/SUΛL / Jan Viljanen (@jstvsl) julkaisi

#kiteboarding on our #independenceday #itsenäisyyspäivä in #yyteri #suomi #finland Kuva, jonka JUST:V/SUΛL / Jan Viljanen (@jstvsl) julkaisi


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