Review: Sirui VSK-5

Review: Sirui VSK-5

Couple of months ago I got the Sirui VSK-5 video kit for a test from Focus Nordic. You can construct many pieces of video equipment from the kit.

Sirui VSK-5 is designed for shooting videos on the go. The whole kit fits nicely in a portable and lightweight backpack. Parts made from aluminium and carbon fiber are durable but light. Absolutely the best part of the kit is the slider which you can use for smooth camera movements. I also liked the sturdy shoulder rig which for sure will work in movie making or interviews. The small and handy cage is propably best at sport or action video.

Here’s a video from the test I made with the kit

Thank you Street Gastro for the location!

The slider was also in action when shooting a music video for the Smokin’ Aces

Watch the music video

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