Switched CANON to LUMIX

Switched CANON to LUMIX

The day has finally arrived! I can say goodbye to Canon and welcome a new member to my LUMIX family.

As a longtime Canon user it was hard to let go of the camera but change is good. Lately I’ve been shooting more and more videos and unfortunately Canon hasn’t moved forward in that area for years. Sure Canon has developed their Cinema EOS line but I’m talking about DSLR cameras. New mirrorless cameras are now here to change photography and videography. On the top of this category are the Panasonic LUMIX G cameras.

This week I visited Rajala in Helsinki and made a good trade in my opinion. I gave away my old Canon EOS 7D and got the new LUMIX G7 in return. The size difference between these cameras is huge as you can see from the pictures! Although the G7 is quite plasticy and lightweight it has better features than the 7D especially in video. I’ve shot many portraits and even music videos with the 7D but I believe the G7 will open up some totally new opportunities for me!

Panasonic LUMIX G7 and Canon EOS 7D


My LUMIX family has grown bigger again and Canon has grown smaller but I haven’t completely given up on Canon yet. I still work with the Canon EOS 6D, a couple of good EF lenses and Speedlite flashes. It takes a while to change the system completely because even if you got a good deal of the camera body, good lenses cost money. It’s still worth investing on good lenses because it’s the lenses that make the image, it’s not the megapixels.

Thanks again to Jani from Rajala for the excellent service!


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