Review: Sony DSC-QX10

Review: Sony DSC-QX10

I have been taking mobile photos for a long time, in fact ever since it has been possible. Starting from my first iPhone the image quality has already been quite decent. The image quality is however secondary when you want to capture a fleeting moment, that’s when the best camera is the one with you.

Sony has come up with an interesting product family for mobile photography. A few years ago I bought the DSC-QX10 Lens-Style Camera because of its small size. It isn’t actually just a lens but a camera without the screen. You take photos, view them and share them with a smartphone app. I chose the smallest camera in the family mainly because of the size and the zoom range. I have carried the small camera in my pocket almost all the time just like my phone.

When I travel I don’t want to drag my whole DSLR kit with me for convenience and safety reasons. That’s why I’ve been pleased with the Sony Lens-Style Camera. The 10x zoom and FHD video take mobile photography to the next level.

The camera is at its best in travel and landscape photography. Shooting is occasionally slow when connected to an iPhone 4 with Wi-Fi so you may miss some fast moments. When using a newer smartphone it must be faster. Anyway wireless shooting gives you vast creative possibilities and freedom.

+ Small and light
+ From wide angle to close-up
+ Good sound quality in video
– Slow in action photography

Some sample photos

Balloon boy #???? #hotairballoons #tbt #espoo #suomi #finland 06.09.2014

Kuva, jonka JUST:V/SUΛL / Jan Viljanen (@jstvsl) julkaisi

Thousands of tiny #crabs at the #beach ???? #tbt #klongmuang #krabi #thailand 19.12.2014 Kuva, jonka JUST:V/SUΛL / Jan Viljanen (@jstvsl) julkaisi

Back to #Paris #France ???????? #flashbackfriday ✈️ #ExpediaPic @expedia #EuropeWeek Kuva, jonka JUST:V/SUΛL / Jan Viljanen (@jstvsl) julkaisi