Instagram recently celebrated it’s 5th birthday and has managed to grow to over 400 million global users. I’m one of them and the app has become the most important social media channel to me.

Behind the beautiful pictures on Instagram there are wonderful people. Last weekend I got to meet some of the photographers I follow and got to know also many new faces as I attended the worldwide instameet. This was the 12th event and it was held in over 2600 different places at the same time.

Here are some photos from the instameet in Suomenlinna 3.10.2015. More photos: #WWIM12Helsinki

This is the groupshot of us standing next to that epic tree silhouette by Julia Kivelä! I’m wawing in the picture 8th from the left.

Big thanks to Joonas Linkola for arranging this instameet!

Paul Mikkonen arrived to the island in style!

Cute little Yoda stole the show and enjoyed posing for us.

I have been admiring the landscape photos by Daniel Taipale for so long. It was nice to finally meet him!

Such a good person! #latergram #todayimet @dansmoe #WWIM12Helsinki #WWIM12 @instagram

Kuva, jonka JUST:V/SUΛL / Jan Viljanen (@jstvsl) julkaisi

Thanks Pekka Juhani for posing for this reflection shot!

JUST : Reflections #vscocam #???? #latergram #todayimet @pekkelsson #WWIM12Helsinki #WWIM12 #???? Have a great week! Kuva, jonka JUST:V/SUΛL / Jan Viljanen (@jstvsl) julkaisi

This tree was shot a lot before sunset. This photo came to be when the sun had set and we were making our way back to the ferry, I looked around to say goodbye to the tree and noticed a couple walking towards the tree and pressed the shutter!


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