Young Photographer of the Year 2005

Young Photographer of the Year 2005

Nikon F75

Young Photographer of the Year award and the camera I used to shoot the pictures, Nikon F75.

In 2005 I was awarded as the Young Photographer of the Year in Finland. The following year I received the award again. What happened then?

I started photography as a hobby in 2003, got my first SLR camera and joined the local camera club. I had previously taken some snapshots with disposable cameras and compact digital cameras but it was only when I had shot with a SLR camera and film that I realized I had discovered a way to express my creativity.

In the beginning I attended all the possible courses and lectures at the camera club. I wanted to learn everything from the darkroom to the studio. The awards I received after a few years of photographing reinforced I had found my thing. After high school in 2006 I applied to study in the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Unfortunately I didn’t get in the school and instead went to the army in 2007 to carry out my compulsory military service.

Before the army I had already looked into the Adobe software and had begun experimenting with the various features. While I was in the army I spent lots of time in the evenings with my laptop and designed my first vector logo for my father’s company among other things.

When I got out of the army I tried to get a job as a photojournalist but ended up working for my father. The family business importing shoes gave me an excellent opportunity to learn new stuff by doing things. My job comprised of everything from product photography to catalogue layout and web design. I also learned some animation and made my first tv commercials.

In 2009 I established my own company JUST:VISUAL. Now I do the job that I love for many clients including our family business East River. Instead of sitting in a class room I’m continuously studying new things and tools for creating visual content.

Here are the three photos that got me the Young Photographer of the Year 2005 award.

Jan Viljanen - 10 metriä

Jan Viljanen – “10 meters”

Jan Viljanen - Vapaa pudotus

Jan Viljanen – “Free fall”

Jan Viljanen - Back flip

Jan Viljanen – “Back flip”
Exhibition opening, Museum of Lohja 2.4.2005



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